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Spring Break 2017

Over the recent break we returned to Bali where Laura and I travelled on our way from Thailand to the USA many moons ago. Shopping in the markets. We visited the Monkey Forest twice!

Mr. Robot Teacher part II

After reading Ready Player One, I turned one of my high school English classes into a “video game”. Kids work at their own pace through levels. Like video games, kids often don’t pass the level on the first try. They take my feedback and try again until they pass. Each level gets harder. Achievements are […]

Mr. Robot Teacher

Today I began a new mission in the classroom: video record every class for upload to a private Youtube channel, and link it to my Google Classrooms. This was timely as several of my students were absent. Setting up a camera in the corner is not hard, but it does take some time to upload […]

Found Writing

Cleaning out files and scanning the important stuff in preparation for the Big Move, I found this handwritten entry on a yellow legal pad that I must have written in-between HVAC service calls: 10/5/11 This morning I threw away the dead cat I picked up off the road yesterday, driving home. I pulled my work […]

Where have you been? Where are you going?

This is a reflection I wrote in response to questions from the Reserve Record staff as I prepare to depart Western Reserve Academy for Dubai American Academy. Today I went for a nice walk and I thought about how beautiful our campus is. On top of the cross country hill, near “mini stonehenge”, the wind […]

Using Focused Free Writes In Class

This summer I attended the Institute for Thinking and Writing at Bard College. For the past several summers, I have gone to some version of a week-long conference with the goal of getting better at writing, teaching, and teaching writing. ITW at Bard is right at the top of my professional development experiences. One of […]

End of a Season

My first season as a wrestling coach has come to a close. I feel a little empty inside now that it’s all over. We finished 10-5, with our last two wins against our rival schools, The University School and Hawken. We had one home meet, against US, and it was so very excellent to see […]

Summer Programs at WRA

This summer I’ll be teaching 7th and 8th graders in Hudson as part of Western Reserve Academy’s Summer Program. I’ll be offering full day, week-long Reading and Writing workshops. Each week will focus on a different genre, such as Sci/Fi, Fantasy, Adventure, Personal Essay, or just straight forward great fiction. Here’s a more in-depth look […]

Congratulations Laura!

Here’s some news: Ada is walking and we’re moving to Ohio. Laura got a job at a boarding school teaching History! I’ll be staying on with my team at Clemson, working remotely. After graduation, Laura and I will pack the family into the car and head down to the beach to be with relatives for […]

Ada’s 7 months old now.

A couple interesting things have happened since my last post. Ada is now in the early stages of crawling, and I started a new job working for Clemson. First, Ada. The improvement in her movement is noticeable day-to-day. Last week she was struggling to synch-up her arms and legs. This week she seems to have […]