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October 9, 2016

Mr. Robot Teacher

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Today I began a new mission in the classroom: video record every class for upload to a private Youtube channel, and link it to my Google Classrooms. This was timely as several of my students were absent.

Setting up a camera in the corner is not hard, but it does take some time to upload the files. Also, a static camera makes for less than thrilling viewing.

I want one of my students to design a drone that flies around the classroom filming from several different cameras: one camera on the board, one on me, another on the student who is speaking, and another with a wide pan on the room. It should be quiet enough to run during assessments without distraction, while also tracking student eye movement to record potential cheating.

It should also have a smart enough AI on board to cut and edit classroom footage into a sexy movie and upload it to my Google Classroom without me having to tell it to.

That Teaching Assistant Drone should also track my teaching interactions, rating my biases, discrimination, and fairness, and give me progress reports for professional development evidence.

I think this is all very doable. Certainly the flying cameraman aspect already exists.

The really big ask, and where the AI would really shine, is in another area of the TAD’s AI: the part that reads, grades, and critiques student writing. That alone would save me 10+ hours a week.

Some might say that having a little brother watching me in the classroom is asking for trouble. I’m not afraid of that. I think the benefits far outweigh the mistakes that would be caught on camera. In fact, a big reason I want this tech in my classroom is to capture those mistakes and learn from them. Helping absent students out is a major part of this new mission–the other half is professional development.

And I’m definitely not afraid of the AI that will eventually take over my marking load and many other responsibilities as I know them. Freeing me up for more prep and collaboration would be a total game changer.

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