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October 6, 2012

Ada’s 7 months old now.

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A couple interesting things have happened since my last post. Ada is now in the early stages of crawling, and I started a new job working for Clemson. First, Ada.

The improvement in her movement is noticeable day-to-day. Last week she was struggling to synch-up her arms and legs. This week she seems to have figured it out, and she crawls across the floor like a rock climber might scale a flat wall. She reaches out two hands close together, finds a crack along the seams of her foam play surface, and then pulls herself forward with a push from her legs. It’s really neat to see how much stronger she’s become this month. I like to put a toy at the end of the mat and watch her scoot towards it. The reward is to immediately shove it in her mouth, of course.

Second bit of news: I started working at Clemson two weeks ago as an editor. Most of my working day is spent reading scientific manuscripts related to foodborne illness, and organizing various deadlines. Last night, La and I watched a documentary about teaching, and I reflected on how lucky I am to be back in an academic setting. It is very rewarding to work in a place where the primary focus is to invest in the future of younger people. It makes me feel like I’m being an active part of the solution.

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