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March 27, 2012

Ada, D-Day +22

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Ada is 22 days old today and it’s hard to imagine life before the little one. Laura and I have found a nice rhythm, but even though I am at work all day long, I know I have the easier end of it. We both wish sleep happened more often, so we get it where we can. I won’t bore you with our schedule. Suffice it to say, we move in circles.

Ada is much stronger, though still so tiny. We do a little tummy time every night, now, and she moves her head from one side to the other. She’s eating more and more, too, which is good. It’s true how fast they grow. She is longer, stronger, and vocal. I can tell that her eyesight is getting better also, because she clearly focuses on things further than 6 inches away from her nose. These might all be blurs of color to her, but I can’t help but think she’s looking at me and recognizing my face (probably more my smell) when I prop her on my knees and goof around, holding her little paws. Laura’s taken to calling her “puppy girl” which fits—she sounds a lot like a little animal a lot of the time. Lola was a cinch in comparison.

Speaking of Lo, the original Little One, it tickles me to no end to see her interact with Ada. Sophie could care less, it seems. But Lola, that dog is on WATCH. She lays on the floor next to her bouncer and sniffs her when I lay her down on the couch to re-swaddle. If she cries for too long, the dog looks at us as if to say, “Are you going to take care of this, or what?”

It really feels like I have my own family now. When it was just Laura and me, I felt we were a family. And then we got the dogs, and that was very rewarding. But now, the child makes it so much more than us. And that is a very new and exciting feeling.

A few weeks before Ada arrived, I queried friends and family about music. The Musical Knowledge for Ada project is a compilation of artists, albums, and songs that every red-blooded young American of the future should know. I admit this is a weak area for me, so I was touched by the many responses I received. There is a thought brewing to make this into a kind of self-published book for Ada. Maybe something hand-bound. I took a binding class once. Where did I put my bone folder? Is it in the sewing box? Laura and I have also written a couple poems for Ada, along the lines of Goodnight Moon. We were reading her a kids book that turned out to be quite lame, so we said: “We can do better than that.” The benefits of a child growing up with two liberal arts majors!

Here’s an app for the future: Parents write original poems, e-mail them to a publishing house who does the clip art and layout, and three days later Amazon delivers your one-of-a-kind story time book on Kindle, or hardcopy in the mail a couple days later. And while we’re at it, how about a diaper that cinches itself snug, just the right amount?

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  1. They grow so fast.
    Ella has recently started grabbing stuffed animals and such. And then shoving them in her mouth. Her coordination is improving rapidly.
    I know what you mean about moving in circles. Although sometimes it seems like an inward spiral, with things building up faster than I can knock them down.
    All the best to the Sturgis family,
    The Enterkin family.

    Comment by Jim — March 29, 2012 @ 6:53 pm

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