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February 1, 2011

Lego Joe

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Lego took the long way because he wanted to see if the girl who played violin in the Public Garden was out. He really liked her shoulder length black hair that she didn’t tie up, and how her hair would dance when she played, especially when she really got into it. When it got dark, she had a fiber-optic weave that would kick in, so you got a light show with the Mozart. It was a good gimmick to get people to actually stop, think twice about dropping that coin. Lego’s instinct was to avoid parks, really any place with large open spaces and groups of people. These were residual preferences from his former military career. When he left the ‘stans for the last time, he was required to participate in a 100 day observation that included sessions about the importance of winning little victories every day. Hearing a beautiful concerto in the park–this is what made life worth adapting for. Other notables: his rig, and Spooky the dog. The former lay on his kitchen table in pieces, the later, probably asleep underneath it. (more…)

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