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August 9, 2010

Suburban Farming — The Adventure Begins!!

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At long last, we are starting our first legitimate growing season. We missed the train on getting a summer garden going, but took the opportunity these past weeks to prepare the soil for a fall garden. Our composting method is simple, and unlike previous attempts at composting, (see vermiculture here) we are able to compost just about all our raw veggie and food waste (minus strong citrus), PLUS all our egg shells, coffee grounds, and tea bags. Quick aside: Tonight is Trash Night in Seneca, and I noticed when changing the bag that we were on our last bag from a box of 20 that we bought when we first moved here on May 15th. When you compost, you don’t need to change bags as much, and bugs are not attracted to your garbage. Composting with worms is cool, and is a good option for people without access to a yard that they can dig around in, but worms have a limit to what they can process, as well as a limited palate, compared to micro organisms. (more…)

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