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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Back To School, Flying Birds

In the past, Jay Hougart enjoyed first days, the most important being the first day of the fall semester, but the first day after winter break was also significant. This year, with his arm in a sling, and a nagging cold to boot, Jay was not feeling as chirpy as he knew he could have […]

Mr. and Mrs. Hougart; Real Books; An interesting look at the stars.

Mr. Hougart was almost a relic of the past. When he and his wife had students over to visit, they put out colorful fabric napkins, even if they were just serving ice-cream. They had been at Standish for almost 50 years, during which time Mr. Hougart, known to his peers as Jay, had taught every […]

Final Jeopardy

By nine thirty most of the alcohol was gone, and everyone had a pretty good buzz. Inhibitions lowered and Elize and Randy whipped up some group enthusiasm for the hot tub.

Laura Feeds Roman. Husband Very Satisfied.

Laura made a great meal tonight. Very yummy, super healthy. Check it out on her new blog!!

Everyone gets together; Craig meets someone special.

Around nine o’clock, Randy and Craig turned off the car racing video game they had been playing and checked on the tea in the freezer. They had made it in two big pitchers, a combination of soda, beer, vodka, and frozen Lime-Aid concentrate. Technically they were supposed to add Everclear, but they couldn’t get their […]