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Monthly Archives: January 2010

A Small Lie

Craig’s car stopped and opened the door for him. He gave the simple instruction “drive home,” and headed up a winding flagstone path to the front door as the car drove through the other end of the horseshoe, around the pond. The rubber tires squeaked louder than the whirring electric engine and the windows rolling […]

A dentist appointment; An early Christmas gift; A small lie; An experiment in serving Texas Tea. Part II

Craig spent much of winter break mastering his Invisilens. He especially liked taking aimless drives in his mother’s car. To get to his favorite burger joint, way over in Stafford, he spoke the address just as he would if he was using the car’s onboard navigation. Invisilens painted a line for him to follow, making […]

Home and Garden

Home and Garden 28,800 words By Roman Sturgis One It was six o’clock on a humid Thursday evening in May. Martin Matishak, a middle-aged man in his early forties, a tall and clean-cut blond, came home from work to find his wife, Alicia, sitting on the concrete stoop leading to their kitchen. She had a […]

The End of the World, Duke, Mary, a Rhinestone Quilt

There is a dog who lives with an old woman in a double-wide trailer. Buena Vista Estates outside of Chammysville if you really want to know, but save yourself the trouble of going. Ain’t nothing there cept poor trash: black, brown, and white—a unicultural neighborhood to be sure. Dog’s name is Duke, sometimes “The Duke,” […]

A dentist appointment; An early Christmas gift; A small lie; An experiment in serving Texas Tea.

Craig Senior had an appointment to get his Blue Tooth re-drilled. He took his son with him to their family practitioner, Dr. Altman, who installed a new Blue Tooth in Craig Senior’s lower left molar. It was quick and not very messy. When it was all over, Dr. Altman gave Craig Senior a pill for […]

Remembering The Alliance of the War Angels

My current writing project and a bit of memoir from the 90s. (Home and Garden Section 8 will be up next.)

The Current Writing Project and a bit of memoir

This post is also available as a 6.5 min podcast here: I am working on a new story that is somewhere between Scent of a Woman, The Diamond Age, and Harry Potter. Post-cyber punk in a New England boarding school setting. I find myself drawing on early stories about boarding school, science fiction, and fantasy. […]