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October 31, 2009

Over October, On to November

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It rained all day at work, but when I got home, the rain stopped and I opted to grab some outdoor activity while I could. It was warm and muggy today. On the beach, the humidity and the sea spray mixed to create an ether which the sun inflamed. Past the last house, past the sea oats, at the very end of the inlet, with the tide low, the slick of water in flame as well. I had to run with my eyes closed it was so bright.

The pumpkins which I carved earlier in the week are rotting. I sprayed them out with the garden hose to rinse off some of the goo. I say it adds to their spooky character. Originally the plan was to put in kerosene soaked toilet paper rolls, achieving three-foot flames for more than half an hour; so my research has suggested. But I had not planned for how expensive kerosene is. So now Fred and Tom are burning with only candle ends, but they are smoking from within. A stick of incense in each turns them into Far East Jack-o-lanterns. Cultured Jack-o-lanterns. The kind you might not necessarily like, but would invite to your cocktail party to keep things interesting. Tomorrow I will bury them in the yard. Back from whence you came.

So I suppose now would be a good time to show you a few pictures of my degenerate children.



Nanowrimo starts in a few hours. I leave you with the pair:

October 24, 2009


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Lunch today was crab omelets and then steamed crab. I don’t mean to sound like a braggart (I am), but I think I have perfected my versions of these dishes, after several attempts. (more…)

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