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September 24, 2009

Shop Test

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Today we were tested on the skills required to cut, bend and crimp copper tubing, flare and swage the ends, and silver-solder joints together. At the end, our pipe projects were submitted to 200psi of nitrogen and submersed in water to check for bubbles (leaks). Yours truly got a 100.

Here’s some pictures:

This is the complete assembly of three swage joints and a crimped end. At the short end of the L I had a flare nut which the nitrogen was attached to. We had to cut the flares off to return the nuts before the end of class.

Close up of swage joint made with oxyacetylene torch and 95/5 silver solder.

Money Quote from the teacher: “That there looks store bought!”

Now if only I can remember how to wire a series circuit…

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