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Monthly Archives: August 2009

One year, New Employment, HVAC classes

Since last post, I started working again at Litchfield Books, I took a week of classes at Horry Georgetown Tech for HVAC, and Laura and I celebrated our one year anniversary.

Sabato Sera

I am very excited to present this new showcase: a short story about a waitress who must make an important decision before she runs out of time. It is written and read by Jessica Ullian, a colleague from the 2007 fiction program at Boston University. Jessica Ullian lives in Boston. Her work has appeared in […]

Home and Garden Section 7

The garden party scene of Home and Garden.

Writing Fiction

First an update. Then some thoughts on my progress as a fiction writer.

Salads and Pie

I would consider tonight my first real shift-shift. I kept up okay, didn’t screw up very badly, and even managed to earn a few compliments from the front of the house regarding the presentation of some plates. I know this isn’t a lot to brag about considering I’m making salads, but it would be a […]

Out of the Dish Pit

Just got the good news that I am scheduled for five cook shifts next week and NO dishwashing shifts. Moving up in the world.