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July 4, 2009

New Employment

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Earlier this month I started working as a dishwasher/prep cook at High Hammock Restaurant, here in Pawleys. This was the best option I could find, as none of the HVAC companies I queried were hiring summer helpers. When I told a friend that I was washing dishes, he told me, “that’s an honest day’s work.” Maybe that’s a kind way to say working hard for not a lot of money.

It does feel good to be doing a physical job again. Although I am quite tired at the end of a shift, my brain is not mush, which it often was after a day of teaching. That is very important if I want to keep my writing schedule. Over these past few years, I’ve been lucky to have so much free time to write, especially the months Laura and I were living in Asia after I finished my MFA. Sabbaticals like that will be rare going forward. In a way, I am now back to a routine similar to what I did when I lived in the South End and worked as a prep cook at Davio’s. That was a very productive time for me, even if the stories I worked on weren’t the one’s that ultimately got me into BU. Looking back on it, that was a necessary step as I started the long journey of “writing through the crap” as an Emerson classmate of mine once said oh so perfectly. As I revise the novel manuscript I wrote in Chiang Mai, I’m almost embarrassed by parts of it. My “crap” radar goes off on every single paragraph. But, this is good, I tell myself. It would be much, much worse if I re-read the manuscript and loved every bit of it. That would show zero growth and learning.

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