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June 12, 2009

What Next?

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So far my road trip has taken me from Pawleys to DC to Philadelphia to Boston to Cape Cod, where I am currently. Emerson reunion was last week. Today I’m going to Southborough, MA to take part in my 10 year high school reunion. I’m a little apprehensive about how few people have registered; hopefully more will show up and register day-of. My theory is that our low numbers have a lot to do with the economy, as some classmates might not be in a position to take off for a long weekend, especially if that means flying. All will be revealed soon enough, I’m sure.

Next weekend: my first gay wedding, which I’m very excited about. Fraternity brother Eric is getting hitched to another Emersonian, Brian, on the Cape. It’s going to be pretty great, and I’ll be taking notes for whatever celebration La and I end up doing. NO, we don’t have a firm plan yet, but I will let you know when we do. YES, I realize we’ve been stringing you along for awhile now. Why has it been so hard for us to make a decision about when and where to have a reception? Well, the larger priority has been jobs. That might mean that we move from Pawleys to a place that actually has jobs. As wonderful as the beach is, the opportunities there are rather limited. Lately we’ve been thinking Charlotte, NC, but who knows. Even though I’m registered for HVAC classes at Horry-Georgetown Tech, I may end up finding another tech school wherever we head to next. As in the paragraph above, all will be revealed.

My host, W (who is retired), was teasing me the other day while we were kayaking in Cape Cod Bay, near his cottage in Truro. He said, “You’re running out of excused to extend your sabbatical.” True. My sabbatical will end with the month, as I’ll be rejoining the paid workforce when I return to Pawleys. What I’ll do for work is not yet clear, but it will have to be something, even if it’s bagging groceries at the Pig. It will be a big change, going from waking up in the morning, running on the beach, and then sitting at my computer to write, to lugging myself to a job which I’ll probably hate by the end of the first shift. The next year looks like it’s going to be one of those “just suck it up and get through it” years, as I find whatever employment will work around my class schedule, and focus on getting the most out of the HVAC program. After getting my certificate, I’m sure I’ll be able to find good paying work, as HVAC techs are high in demand. And then it’s a matter of learning the skills as quickly as a I can in preparation for starting my own small business, which I’m really looking forward to. Where will writing fit into all this? Well, hopefully the discipline I’ve been developing to write every day is not going to lapse too much. Having a clear assignment will help. As some of you know, I’ve been transcribing the first draft of the novel from typewritten pages to the computer, and revising along the way. It’s not as fun as the first draft, but it is necessary, and a little bit every day might be just enough to keep me sane.

Let me be clear: none of this is complaint. I’ve been very blessed to have not only met the woman of my life, but also to have been able to teach overseas and have plenty of time to travel and write a novel, not to mention the MFA program at BU. Until recently, I managed to avoid a lot of the pain the downturn has inflicted on many friends. I feel good about the HVAC step, as it’s practical and will enable me to start a small business, which I’m very excited about. The reality of my English degree and my MFA in fiction is that they are quite useless in this economy. Maybe later, when my fiction is good enough and the publishing houses are starting to look at new acquisitions again, selling fiction will be a reasonable pursuit. Until then, practice, practice, practice…

Likelihood that I’m subconsciously writing this post in preparation for questions at my 10 year high school reunion: 97%

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