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Monthly Archives: May 2009

Houston to Pawleys

Trevor and I will drive to South Carolina tomorrow, via Luling, LA. The car is packed and all his post-graduation business is getting wrapped up. In early June I’ll be heading back to Boston for reunions and a wedding. In particular, I’m very excited about my fraternity brother’s wedding on the Cape. He and his […]

New Bidness Cards

Totally sweet business cards from arrived today. Hat tip to Kath at who blogged about getting hers. Laura is NUTS about this woman’s “real food” site. I’m more partial to her fella’s blog: Laura and I use his 100% whole wheat pizza dough recipe which is AWESOME. The cards were $18.95 for […]

Something to aspire to

Hat tip to Jess at for this excellent tip: This guy is so good, it makes me want to puke: Scroll down and check out his podcast “On Defense of Writing Longhand.” 6 mins 30 secs of NPR quality stuff.

28: Day One, Agenda

Up early to start writing after Laura left for work. Then breakfast: Then some more writing… Around 11, once the tide is out, I’ll run the inlets:View Murrells Inlet to Midway Inlet in a larger map Haven’t figured out what I’m going to do for lunch yet…

Cap and Trade, Native Americans, and Nuclear Power

“What exactly is cap and trade,” a friend asked me recently. “Because it sounds like a good idea to me.”

A snake in my garden

As if the symbolism couldn’t get any worse…

Home and Garden section 6

The next section of Home and Garden. Shout out to Kate in Australia, who has been following along.


Photo by Laura Mogel-Sturgis


This week I investigated two leads for future career moves. The first with a guy named Rob, who has built a very advanced “green” house, and the second with my hairdresser,