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April 27, 2009

Twitter II

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Ted tells me in a comment that Obama is actually on Twitter, “or at least his ghost-tweeters are.”

He also said: “My Mom just joined Facebook, which made me think: how many photos of me will there be on Facebook when I am my Mom’s age? How many friends will I have?”

Facebook, or some version of Facebook, maybe LinkedIn, or what have you, seems to have taken the place of the rolodex for a certain yuppie set, which I think I may be a part of. FB is better than the standard address book in almost every way, except that use is tied to internet access. This may become moot as access approaches ubiquitous in the Western world.

Ted, an interesting over-the-hill gift for guys our age: a slideshow of life compiled from Facebook photos over a period of decades. Let’s make that ap now and put it in the can for later.

Ted also says: “Good thing our capability to squeeze capacitors onto a chip is growing faster than our population.” Does anybody know where the Fort Knox of storage is for the government? Is that public knowledge? I just wonder, if Google is so and so, what must Homeland Security servers look like? If the smartest computer programmers were hired by the government to write programs that data-mined companies like Google and Facebook and E-Harmony and your credit card company, what kind of a dossier could one come up with, just from looking at what we have online? I feel like advertising is already pulled in this direction, especially with Google’s model. Looking down the road, advertising might be freakishly targeted in the next decade or two. Though of course, by then, we’ll have gotten used to it.

This all leads up to the issue of privacy, which I’ve been speaking about with a few of my friends lately. Something like Twitter is an invitation to explore someone, just as many personal websites, and indeed my very own, are. Looking at Twitter, it actually looks a bit like “Pocket Tee” which is the general template for I advertise on gchat and Facebook already. My gut is telling me that I should bite the bullet, create a Twitter account, and use it to promote. Does that sound right?

In other news: I’m meeting with The Green Builder in my area on Wednesday to see a home he built last year that was certified at the Platinum level for LEED. I’m hoping to see the installation of a new electric meter that will better record types of energy usage.

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