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Monthly Archives: April 2009

Twitter II

Ted tells me in a comment that Obama is actually on Twitter, “or at least his ghost-tweeters are.” He also said: “My Mom just joined Facebook, which made me think: how many photos of me will there be on Facebook when I am my Mom’s age? How many friends will I have?”


“I Twatted,” Colbert said. That about sums up my view of the latest social networking phenomenon.

Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day, I thought I’d post about a something relevant.

Easter Rabbit

Corey shot three rabbits while he was looking for his dog. His friend Gomez rode shot gun with the spotlight as Corey drove at a crawl over the ranch road calling the dog’s name. “Yeah, I think she must be stuck in a briar patch,” Gomez said, not wanting to betray his true feeling that […]

Sen. Jim Webb, My New Hero

Senator Jim Webb is touching a third-rail issue, and for that, he’s my new hero. Earlier this week he published an article in PARADE, “What’s Wrong With Our Prisons?” This week’s Economist followed up in Lexington—the Economist’s American Op-Ed column—with “A Nation of Jailbirds”. Here’s the quick and dirty: “America imprisons 756 inmates per 100,000 […]

Progress Report

I’ve been typing up the manuscript I wrote in Thailand, and it’s been slow going. Lots of revisions coming up along the way. There is a certain feeling of satisfaction, however, looking at the two stacks of paper on my desk. One is a print out of Home and Garden, which I’ve been reading from […]