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Monthly Archives: December 2008

All I want for Christmas is to be a certified HVAC mechanic

The NYTimes had a grim article on South Carolina in Monday’s paper. 14% unemployment expected in our state. Yikes. Laura has a job waiting for her when we get back, but I’ve been worried about what I’m going to do while I’m taking the HVAC classes at Horry Georgetown Tech College. I have very little […]

What happens next?

Less than 100 days before we return to the US. We will fly back to Texas on the 13th of March, will stay with the family for a bit, and then on to South Carolina.

India, part II

(In case you haven’t read Part I, here is the link.) Cochin, Kerala. We arrived at night. The airport was spacious and uncrowded. I got the sense that most travelers came here for vacation, not for business. It’s much warmer than Delhi, a fine tropical 75 degrees, and immediately we felt a major difference from […]

A question for General Motors

How come y’all haven’t offered to start building EV2s as part of your bail-out? Don’t tell me you lost the blueprints for the EV1. This seems like such a no brainer…

The Trigger Finger, by Steve Sanders

Steve and I recorded this at 236 Bay State Road in Boston during the late summer of 2008. The Trigger Finger is a short story about love, sacrifice, and coming of age in north Texas. I love this story and wish that I had written it myself. Steve hails from Norman, Oklahoma and has an […]

Home and Garden Section 4

Home and Garden, section 4

India Part I

Some of you will remember my departure from Washington, DC, and the comprehensive roadtrip around the United Sates that followed. When I eventually settled in Pawleys Island, South Carolina, I began to put my thoughts down. Early on, I wrote on an index card in red marker: INDIA. I taped this note to the bookshelf […]

News from Thailand

Today the Thai Supreme Court ruled that the People’s Power Party (PPP) which was, until recently, led by the puppet brother-in-law of Thaksin, commited electoral fraud. All the PPP party officials have been banned from Thai politics for 5 years. Thaksin (pronounce TOXIN) is the PM who stole money from Thailand, fled the country after […]