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Monthly Archives: November 2008

Where have I been, where am I going?

Sorry to be out of touch. I’ve been in India, and then back in Chiang Mai catching up and hosting a sister-in-law. Travel writing from Delhi and Kerala coming soon. And some news: Laura and I are planning on coming back to the States in March so she can start graduate school. I’ve been giving […]

Is blogging dead?

I read a few articles today that claim the A-list bloggers have become main-stream media because they have turned into essentially small-shop online opinion newspapers. Teams of writers are used so that content can be added on a regular basis and lots of advertising graphics clutter the page in order to maximize profits. One parallel […]

It is done

I was unable to sleep well last night and often crept out of bed, trying not to wake my wife, to check the news online. This morning I rode my bike to the U.N. Irish Pub where expats were gathering to watch the results come in. Lots of goosebumps today.

Home and Garden Section 3

Section three of the novella. Enjoy.