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October 1, 2008

Getting the guts to ride around CM

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I took my bike out yesterday to ride across town to pick up my paycheck. It started to rain, and the traffic was pretty heavy in some areas. I wore my hi-viz yellow bike shirt to be as noticeable as possible. Chiang Mai roads are like Boston in that there are many one way streets, but a little more organized. One road goes around the outside of the moat, clockwise. Inside the moat, the road is counter-clockwise. To shift directions requires U-turning from one side of the moat to the other. Doing this, while keeping in mind that folks drive on the other side of the road here, can be tricky. It’s taken some getting used to, but I feel much better about it now. On Saturday, a friend and I are going to do a long ride to a village east of here. I’m hoping to take some pictures to show you.

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