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Monthly Archives: October 2008


The Economist endorses Obama. That’s the last argument I need to hear.

This ain’t your father’s Vietnam

Our October 2008 Vietnam trip.

Back home

La and I are back from Viet Nam, no less worse for wear and with a greater appreciation for Thailand. Travelougue to come.

Home and Garden section 2

The second installment of my thesis, Home and Garden!


We’re leaving in a few hours. We’ll stay in Bangkok for the night and then head to Saigon for a few days before we work our way up the coast. Section 2 is now podcasted! Please check it out. I’ll be putting up a new showcase podcast when I return. But until then, if you […]

Getting the guts to ride around CM

I took my bike out yesterday to ride across town to pick up my paycheck. It started to rain, and the traffic was pretty heavy in some areas. I wore my hi-viz yellow bike shirt to be as noticeable as possible. Chiang Mai roads are like Boston in that there are many one way streets, […]