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September 4, 2008

Still here…

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Sorry for the delay in coverage, but our internets went down.

Coup Update: Wiley Thai PM Samak says there will be a referendum. The Economist says that if there is a snap election, Thaksin and Samak’s PPP party will likely win again, as the opposition, the PPP doesn’t care much for democracy. They are royalist supporters who want a new govt that is 70% appointed, 30% elected. The military, loyal to the royal family, has showed great restraint, to the point where they are refusing to act on a court order to remove the protesters from Government House. Police have been ordered to leave their batons at the office. Still no signs in Chiang Mai that anything at all is happening. (more…)

September 1, 2008

Two different versions of health care

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Today La and I went to a clinic to get her checked out for what we thought was probably a stomach bug, but were worried could have been Denge Fever, which has been an issue this rainy season. Turns out it was just a stomach bug–a bacterial infection of the small intestine, to be exact, and yes, I asked for permission to post about my wife’s health. What struck me, though, was our bill for her visit. (more…)

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