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Suspension of Sturgis/Sturgis ’08 campaign

After watching the debates and reading the news coming from Wall Street, I am suspending the presidential campaign of my mom and dad, effective immediately. Whoever is going to be in the White House next January is going to have a hell of a time, and I don’t have the heart to ask my parents to let me write them in on my absentee ballot.

The Iraq war has cost us $600 billion, and could cost as much as a trillion by the time we withdraw. The Wall Street bail out will be $700 billion, but I expect it will cost even more. And somehow during all of this, we’re going to run all our other programs, like medicare and social security and public education, AND cut taxes for the middle class? I. Don’t. Think. So.

Mom and Dad, I’m letting you guys off the hook. Let the other chuckle heads duke it out for the worst job in America.

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