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September 10, 2008

Finally, something bigger than me

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My first week in Thailand was spent acclimating and setting up our apartment with things like a toaster oven and coasters and figuring out an economical way to get potable water. The second week was spent exploring Chiang Mai and finding the best, cheap places to eat. During this time I had some projects to work on: the website, some fiction, some basic Thai lessons, the planning and outlining of this new novel project, reading a lot of news on The Economist and the Times and the Thai English dailies. Plus that whole marriage thing. In the third week, I watched a lot of TV. Now it’s the fourth week and I have my first day of part-time work coming up. This is exciting for a number of reasons. First, cash flow is exciting. Second, these past few weeks have been focused mostly inward. That has been necessary, but after awhile a little self-indulgent. I’m excited to be working on something bigger than myself. Working with students always gives me a greater sense of purpose.

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