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September 30, 2008

It’s snowing on Mars.

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If you haven’t heard any of the news coming from the Phoenix Mars rover, do yourself a favor and spend two minutes looking at this NASA page.

It snows on Mars, but it evaporates before it hits the ground. They have found clay and chalk, which are formed when covered by water. We’re getting closer to knowing if conditions on Mars could have, or did, (or do!?!) support life, or could support life in the future.

September 29, 2008

My bank just got bought

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I read today that Wachovia was bought by Citigroup.

September 27, 2008

Suspension of Sturgis/Sturgis ’08 campaign

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After watching the debates and reading the news coming from Wall Street, I am suspending the presidential campaign of my mom and dad, effective immediately. Whoever is going to be in the White House next January is going to have a hell of a time, and I don’t have the heart to ask my parents to let me write them in on my absentee ballot.

The Iraq war has cost us $600 billion, and could cost as much as a trillion by the time we withdraw. The Wall Street bail out will be $700 billion, but I expect it will cost even more. And somehow during all of this, we’re going to run all our other programs, like medicare and social security and public education, AND cut taxes for the middle class? I. Don’t. Think. So.

Mom and Dad, I’m letting you guys off the hook. Let the other chuckle heads duke it out for the worst job in America.

International Foodie Dot Come

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Marty, one of my most trusted advisers, offered a suggestion the other day: why not start a blog about food? Food adventures and recipes, etc. It could be a lot of fun. I’m going to make a few posts to see how it goes, but in general, why wouldn’t I be reporting on one of my favorite interests? Duh.

September 22, 2008

Upcoming travel destinations

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Laura and I have decided that we’d like to spend the two week October break in Vietnam, mostly in the north and along the coast. I’m really looking forward to an overnight on a junk in Halong Bay, which is in the northern part of the Gulf of Tonkin. In November, I’ll be traveling with a dear friend around Cochin, India. And La and I have decided that Christmas in Phnom Penh, Cambodia would be ideal. We may spend some time in Laos as well, checking out a job in Vientiane that has struck Laura’s fancy. Travel writing to follow…

September 18, 2008

Economic Crisis and the Election

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Over here in Thailand, where my wife and I are teaching–she full time, and me part time while I work on my fiction–it would be easy to ignore what’s happening in the most important election of my lifetime (I was born in ’81). We don’t have cable, so all my news comes from the web: The Economist, The Times, You Tube for things like Gibson’s interview of Palin, and the Thai English dailies for local news on the upcoming coup. It is shocking to read about what is happening in America. I feel a similar anxiety that I had in 2001 when I was in college in Boston. In the past year I’ve expected our economic future to be as rough as stories I’ve heard about the recession of the 70’s, but now it seems like we’re getting into a whole new kind of slump, approaching the spirit crushing nature of the Great Depression. I’m an optimist in life, but all indicators that I’m reading about are pointing to more bad news. I sense the worst is yet to come. (more…)

September 12, 2008

Work and writing

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My first session teaching SAT prep at American Pacific International School went pretty well. The school is up in the mountains, the campus is quite bucolic, and I have 13 mostly eager students. They did balk when I told them I wanted them to make flashcards for 800 vocabulary words, but honestly, it all starts with knowing the words. Next weekend I’ll be teaching a workshop for graduate school bound students on how to write kick ass statement’s of purpose.

And on the writing front, I’ve finished outlining the first part of the novel I want to write. I was surprised to see that this project has gotten much bigger than I expected. I envision two parts, each a stand alone novella, but which read as a novel together. The first part looks to be five or six scenes/sections/chapters whatever you want to call them, longer than Home and Garden. We shall see…

September 10, 2008

Finally, something bigger than me

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My first week in Thailand was spent acclimating and setting up our apartment with things like a toaster oven and coasters and figuring out an economical way to get potable water. The second week was spent exploring Chiang Mai and finding the best, cheap places to eat. During this time I had some projects to work on: the website, some fiction, some basic Thai lessons, the planning and outlining of this new novel project, reading a lot of news on The Economist and the Times and the Thai English dailies. Plus that whole marriage thing. In the third week, I watched a lot of TV. Now it’s the fourth week and I have my first day of part-time work coming up. This is exciting for a number of reasons. First, cash flow is exciting. Second, these past few weeks have been focused mostly inward. That has been necessary, but after awhile a little self-indulgent. I’m excited to be working on something bigger than myself. Working with students always gives me a greater sense of purpose.

September 5, 2008

Brand new trashy fiction short from Roman!

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A Drink With The Guys

The cobra’s black pebbled skin shines under the hurricane lamp that sways from underneath the rotating fan blades. Chung Yee smiles wide, showing his long white teeth, and says in his British primary school accent, “Would you like to do the honors?” (more…)

September 4, 2008

Home and Garden, Section 1

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Here it is, the first section of my thesis. Enjoy!

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