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View from our new balcony

porch view

Chaing Mai is cupped by mountains to the north, west, and south west. Our neighborhood is outside the old city, which is surrounded by an ancient moat. We live in Doi Ping Mansion, a twelve story building to the east of the old city, near the river Ping, and the Wot Chai Mong Kol, which you can see in the lower right of the picture. It’s monsoon season, so the cumulus nimbus clouds you see are coming west to east over the tops of the mountains. The leafy area you can see in the bottom and center of the frame is the front yard of the Alliance Francaise.

Below, you can see the mountains to the west and some of the hotels and apartment high rises outside of the moat. I’m going to be biking that mountain one day, just as soon as I can find some wheels.

western view from porch

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