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July 5, 2008


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Fourth of July was a success. The key to success was Red Bones catering. Another key to success was Roger’s balcony on Beacon Hill. I made a video of the fireworks and I was excited to put it on here, but then in the process of uploading it to YouTube I saw how many other Boston Fourth of July fireworks videos there are and I realized: I’m burning my ass trying to get this damn video uploaded–why don’t I just take one of the ones up here on YouTube already? And then, you know, it just sort of fizzled out. And besides, wouldn’t that video be just the kind of video you wouldn’t give two shits about watching? This weekend I’ve been asking friends what direction I should take this site, this project. What should my guidelines be? As far as content. As far as unifying themes.

Capturing the moment should be a theme. As should good judgment about what moments to relate. Connectivity is a theme. A search for truth. The sharing of experience.

Robot was in town for the weekend. We took a walk around Emerson and some of the old haunts today. He spoke about not becoming obsessed with recording the event. And then we passed a statue on the Commonwealth Mall of Samuel Eliot Morison, and the quote: “Dreams, dreams, write them, aye, but live them first.” That struck me as a good theme.


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