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December 20, 2007

Fall Semester Summary

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One semester down, one and a summer session to go.

Overall, I think I did a decent job, though there were several hairy periods when I felt I had far too much on my plate. Teaching at Boston Arts Academy while taking a full load was stimulating, but really cut into my morning writing time. My biggest self-criticism is that I didn’t spend nearly enough time writing, and that too much of my time was spent reading for my literature classes. Towards the end of the semester I was at times envious of my classmates who seemed to be handling their loads much more skillfully than I, and producing good quality fiction for workshops.

I worked on one story (four revisions) for my Revision workshop. Currently the title of the story is The Standish Room, and it’s largely based on my friendship with a now deceased mentor. For my other workshop I produced three stories. The first based on my experience teaching in DC, the second based on a friend of mine who was injured in the Marines, and the most recent, a story based on my experience as a prep cook in Boston.

Common critiques were: we don’t know enough about the narrator, the stakes aren’t high enough, the characters are not conflicted, there is no plot.

I’m sure that these are problems for many developing writers, but it’s slightly embarrassing to be surrounded by colleagues whose work does not suffer from these amateur mistakes.

The good news is: I’m still growing as a writer. In other words, I haven’t gotten worse. As I plan for next semester I’m excited for the challenge of writing a story that has a strong, interesting, conflicted narrator, and an interesting plot. I feel that as soon as I write one story that accomplishes this, the second will come a little bit easier.

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